TotalDrama Pornography Story: Opposites attract Chapter 13

TotalDrama Pornography Story: Opposites attract Chapter 13

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Readers- So this is second day of sequel, which will become more and
more twisted as I go along J
my summer class ends in three days so I will have more time to write
and come up with amazing ideas. So to all my readers *Mwah* Arigato
Goziemasu. Watashi no anata wa daisuki desu.

So were in the room with Trent, were he gets his unfortunate message,
L so sad. And twisted *menacing smile*

*sigh* Gwen. *taps finger 9 times*

You really have issues.

Nine flowers, nine bruises, nine misplaced hair strained, nine broken
fingers, nine bandages, nine thoughts, nine horrible thoughts, nine
shots, and nine stitches..

O_o *walks out room*


hospital room was slightly dull. Everything around him was white
which slightly scared the crap out of him, making him feel like a lab
rat. What made the situation better is that he found out that his
room partner was Geoff, which offered to help him with finding the
blonde boss, and shared his own experiences with Trent. She was
crazy! The only way I was able to convenes her to let me go, Was that
I promised to bring her a magical kitty once belonging to a
leprechaun prince, in a place far far away. He emphasized the last
part with his chest pointed out gently waving his hand from one side
to the other. Trent look astonished Howd did you convenes her
like that? Then Geoff made his eyes go big, and lean in like he
was going to tell a secret. He whispered Believe me, staying in a
room for a couple days with that loon, like that, will cause you to
be desperate. On of the nurses came in, She was huge, had a deep
voice, and a unibrow. You have visitors, she spat. In walked DJ
and Bridgette with flowers and balloons. The sniffing blonde, and
mommas boy walked in the room. Oh, here are my two solders
*sniff* stay strong!

suddenly was weeping on Geoffs lap. (More like grieving). Geoff
stroked the hair one her head as he propped himself up with the other
Aww, Sweetie, chill its okay Im alright, please? I hate it
when you cry. He patted her head with reassurance. Meanwhile the
big Michael Jordan figure was pouting away as he decorated Trents
side of the room with flowers, and ribbons, and scented candles. Now
the place didnt look so scary. Trent took the time to explain to
everyone that if the blonde boss didnt get her money, she would
slowly kill of the police forces of the world, and use Duncan to do
so, since he knows everything on all the police forces around the


woke up in the darkness, his hands and feet tied to a object that
must have been a chair because he was sitting in it. It was rather
cold and he was still wearing his pajamas from the hotel which
happens to be only boxers with lollipops all over them with a red
background. A strange obnoxious voice screamed YAY CHIP &
DALES!!! Duncan had a sudden headache like someone was dropping a
hundred pound weight on his head. Pull it off. A cold dark
voice commanded. As the brown bag was pulled away from his head, the
blinding light pierced his head making him groan and squint his
eyes. His saw blurred images as they became more and more vivid. A
big smiling face a few millimeters from his own Good morning
sleeping beauty! as she pulled her head away, she saw the blonde
walk towards him with a needle in her hand. So nice of you to join
us Duncan, Know why youre here? The blonde chided darkly. You,
will be helping us find the money(gold) that Trents great
grandfather hid. It was supposedly part of the Aztec mining trade.
You wont do much, just come work with me, live your wonderful life
with your wife. Wife? I dont have a wife. He jerked his
body desperate to break free.

blonde motioned her hand towards the traitor leaning on the wall. Her
mocha brown skin was one with the dimming light. You do now. A
sharp pain entered into his body as he realized the needle shooting
through his arm. His mind was drowning being swallowed by the
darkness of no return, slowly the lights faded away, all sounds
dimmed, everything went black.

man woke up in the soft bed, His head was in pain, and he could not
recall why. His breathing was steady when he noticed his breathing
was in unison with an other. His eyes shot open as he saw a body
breathing steadily on him, they were on there sides. Her arm was
across his chest slightly griping his shoulder, as the other rested
on his chest. Her legs were intertwined with his, and her head rested
on the nape of his neck. Her short brown hair cupped her skin
shadowing her mocha skin. Both of his arms wrapped around her well
curved frame that perfectly fit his body. As the breathed
rhythmically he noticed her rosy lips. Before he released he didnt
know who he was, where he was, what this hot chick is doing in his
room, and why he was in boxers, and she in underwear. He jumped out
of the bed which startled the woman enough to wake up and fall off
the bed. When she looked up from her fall she looked surprised
Honey, are you okay? she said extremely concerned. honey?
Duncan thought. His eyes caught sight of a picture on the side of the
bed on a dresser. It was him and the woman in front kissing each
other. Duncan was shocked and looked for other pictures, and saw one
of him carrying her bridal style on the beach she was in a beautiful
white dress, with a tiara and flowers. He faced the woman and asked
Who are you? He asked a little doubtful that he already knew
the answer. The beautiful woman looked a bit taken back by the
question and then walked to him. Are you feeling alight? she
put the back of her hand to his forehead to feel for a temperature.
Maybe you have a fever Ill get a thermometer. As she
started to walk away he grasped her hand desperately Please tell
me, who are you, who am I, where am I, why am I here. PLEASE TELL
The womans eyes went big like she was going to cry but she pulled
back her tears.

am you wife, Courtney, and you are my husband, Duncan, We are
MARRIED, We live here, You have to go to work at Lindsays mansion
because you are the accountant, And I think I have to call you in
sick and take you to the hospital. She sounded out every single
word out individually to be sure that he heard. She grabbed his hand
ready to take him out the room and into the car, Duncan saw that she
was upset, and felt extremely bad so he pretended H-Honey, hey,
honey Im sorry I didnt mean it he stopped her by pulling him
towards his chest and cupped her face with both of her hands H-Hey
look at me, I didnt mean it, I probably just hit my head against
wall or something, Hey please dont cry, Im okay I swear. she
looked up hopefully and said Are you sure you okay? Ya he
said. He felt a sudden erge to kiss her, and leaned down to press his
lips onto her, and bit her bottom lip, which begged his body to do
more, he traced butterfly kisses down her neck, and nipped her bottom
jaw. That convinced her enough to let her giggle and hug him as she
pecked his check. Okay go get ready your going to be late!
Duncan headed towards his room and shut the door. He put his hand on
his head and let out a big sigh. ..what
happened to me?

erring twitched on as the familiar voice sounded. Are you alone?
Courtney spoke just below a whisper. Yay. the blonde sounded
slightly amused So did he buy it? Totally bought it, his
headed for your place in a couple minutes, the map is in the car.
there was a little giggle let out So what do you think? I
think its truly amazing how you got a place, new furniture,
clothes, fake photos, and everything in just an hour. the voice
went dark Thats what happens when you have power.


Hehe an other TWIST!!!!!! If you have questions or are confused
please tell me J

MY TURN MY TURN!!!!!!!!!!!

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